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  Thessaloniki - Diakonia Convention Centre
65 Nik. Plastira Street, Thessaloniki, Greece

First Bulletin
(updated 01/31/02)

After Trieste in 1995 and Sarajevo in 1998, the third session of the "FOUR SEAS CONFERENCES" will take place in Thessaloniki (Greece) from
April 16 to April 21, 2002. During this week, students from diverse origins (from every country of South-Eastern Europe, but also from the rest of
the world) will hear about the most recent developments in sciences and technologies.
Topics addressed are : i-) particle physics, ii-) astrophysics and cosmology, iii-) instrumentation with application to medical physics.    

-1- Motivation

Since seven years, the "Four Seas Conferences" are a way to express the solidarity of the scientific community with all those who, under difficult
conditions, seek to keep alive the diverse intellectual and cultural links that constitute the essence of our civilisation. Our efforts are oriented towards
the Balkanic region to promote high level scientific teaching and possibly research, in countries which recently suffered from war and/or dictatorship.

-2- History

"Physique-sans-Frontières" (PSF) was born in 1992, when "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia was at its worst. Spontaneously, scientists, mainly physicists,
felt the necessity to "do something" in order to show their opposition to barbarity and their solidarity with their colleagues and the people of the region.
Prof. Georges CHARPAK has kindly accepted to preside "Physics-without-Borders / Physique-Sans-Frontières" and supported the effort of the
association to set up the "Four-Seas-Conference" in Trieste. Furthermore, other major personalities in physics (including several Nobel prize winners)
have supported the idea. The Trieste-95 conference was a success, despite the renewed war in Bosnia : 150 physicists, half of them from the South-
Eastern Europe and the other half from the rest of the world, were effectively present. After Trieste, PSF participated in the organisation of "Neutrino-
Sarajevo 96", the first scientific event in Sarajevo just a few weeks after the end of the siege, and, in 1998, the "Sarajevo Summer School", where hundred
students from every part of Bosnia (Bosniacs, Croats and Serbs) and from neibouring countries, enjoyed to work together for the first time after the war.

-3- The Conference in Thessaloniki

After Trieste and Sarajevo, we would like to continue to proceed in the direction of the South-East, to get closer to our colleagues from Albania, Bulgaria,
FYROM, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Turkey... Making it easier for them to participate in the meeting, is a way to thank them for
participating in the two previous meetings in Trieste and Sarajevo, despite the distance and adminis-trative problems they had to face. The conference will
be held in Thessalonoki April 16-21, 2002 in the "DIAKONIA" convention centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is an ideal location as it allows easy access
from the entire area of south-eastern Europe.

A preliminary version of the Scientific programme of the conference is attached. As usual, it is devided in three parts : Particle Physics, Astrophysics &
Comology, Instrumentation & Applications to Medical Physics. The conference will include 15 sessions of 2 hours each (5 sessions for each part). We
estimate that interdisciplinarity between neighbouring sciences is always useful and fruitful.


  Manuel Aguilar-Benitez Madrid, E
  Guido Altarelli CERN, Genève, CH
  Jean Jacques Aubert CNRS-IN2P3, Paris, F
  Engin Arik Bogazici U. Istanbul, TR
  Guido Barbiellini U. of Trieste, Trieste, I
  Milutin Blagojevic Physic Inst., Beograd, YU
  Vasile Buzuloiu ESP, Bucharest, R
  Roger Cashmore CERN, CH
  * Georges Charpak ESPCI, Paris
  Peter Dornan ICL, London, UK
  John Ellis CERN, Genève, CH
  Jos Engelen NIKEF, Amsterdam, NL
  Samim Erhan UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
  Svjetlana Fajfer Ljubljana-SI
  Joel Feltesse DAPNIA, Saclay, F
  Brian Foster U.C. Bristol, UK
  Georges Gounaris U. Thessaloniki, GR
  Branko Guberina R. Boskovic Inst. Zagreb, HR
  Cecilia Jarlskog Stockholm, S
  * Leon Lederman IIT, Chicago, IL- USA
  Walter Majerotto HEPHY, Vienna, A
  Matey Mateev U. of Sofia, Sofia, BG 
  Thomas Muller U. Karlsruhe, D
  Serguey Petcov ICTP, Trieste, I
  * Carlo Rubbia ENEA, Roma, I
  Alvaro de Rujula CERN, Genève, CH
  Herwig Schopper EPS, Genève, CH
  Jorgen Schukraft CERN, CH
  Goran Senjanovic ICTP, Trieste, I
  Michel Spiro DAPNIA, Saclay F
  Kenan Suruliz MP, Sarajevo- BiH
  Danilo Tadic, U. Zagreb, HR
  * Samuel Ting MIT, Cambridge, MA- USA
  Albrecht Wagner DESY, Hamburg, D
  Legend : * = Nobel Prize


  Kirsti ASPOLA (Helsinki – FIN)
  Robert BARATE (U. of Savoie, Chambery- F)
  Chantal BRODIER (CERN – CH)
  Daniel DENEGRI (SPP Saclay- F)
  Pierre DEPOMMIER (U. of Montréal, CDN)
  Evangelos GAZIS (NTUA, Athens, GR)
  Ioanis GIOMATARIS (SED Saclay- F)
  Andreas GOUGAS (Pilon, Athens, GR)
  Isabelle GRENIER (Paris-F)
  Michèle JOUHET (CERN- CH)
  Yves LEMOIGNE (Saclay- F)
  Kyriakos PSARRAKOS (Thessaloniki, GR)
  Charling TAO (Marseille, F)
  Claudia-Elisabeth WULZ (HEPHY Vienna- A)



-6- How to get here (map of Thessaloniki)

map-Thess .JPG (39869 bytes)

A map of South Eastern Europe

MAP12 .JPG (143629 bytes)



                 Each session lasts two hours

                 Legend : * = to be confirmed

MONDAY APRIL 16 16:00 : Begining of registration


8:30   Welcome to Diakonia Convention Centre   Dr. D. Zigouris, Diakonia director 
    Four-Seas-Conferences, Motivation and History:   Y. Lemoigne, PSF chairman
    From Sarajevo-98 to Thessaloniki-2002   Prof. N. Tanovic, Sarajevo University
    Welcome in Thessaloniki, City, University   Prof. I. Antonopoulos, Rector


  UNESCO-ROSTE   Mr. P. Lasserre,  Director Unesco office

9:30   Short break (10 mn)

9:40   The Physics department of the University   N. Vlachos, Thessaloniki
  Involvement of Greece in the flagship programme of Part. Physics   C. Petridou,  Thessaloniki
  Medical Physics in Greece   K. Psarrakos, Thessaloniki


  Presentation of the scientific programme of the week   D. Denegri, Prog. Committee chairman

10:40 - 11:00 : Coffee Break

TUESDAY APRIL 16  -  session 1   -  Particle Physics  -   Experimentals results

11:00    Review of 10 years of LEP   W. Adam, HEPHY / Vienna
     DESY experiments (H1, "Zeus"," Hermes", "Hera-B")   E. Tzamariudaki, University of Munich


   CP ("Babar", "Belle", LHC projects)   P. Krizan, I.J.S. - Ljubljana

13:00 - 14:00 : Lunch

TUESDAY APRIL 16  -   session 2   -  Astro-Physics & Astro-particle  -   Cosmology

14:00    Cosmology overview   M. Lachièze-Rey, SAP-DAPNIA - Saclay
     Review : MAP, Planck Surveyor...   R. Ansari, LAL-Orsay


   AUGER experiment   E. Fokitis, Ntu-Athens


   Baryonic Dark Matter / EROS results   N. Palanque-Delabrouille, DAPNIA-Saclay

16:00 - 16:30 : Coffee Break

TUESDAY APRIL 16    -  session 3    -  Particle Physics :    LHC  Experimental programme / Instrumentation
16:30    The Large Hadron Collider project (statuts of  the machine)   D. Denegri, SPP-DAPNIA - Saclay
     The ATLAS  experiment   E. Gazis, NTU-Athens
     The CMS    experiment   M. Zeyrek, METU- Ankara
     The ALICE  experiment   Y. Foka,   GSI - Darmstadt


   The LHCb experiment   M. Schmelling, MPI-Heidelberg


TUESDAY APRIL 16  -   Social Programme

18:30 - 20:30                                            Visit of Thessaloniki  


WEDNESDAY APRIL 17  -  session 4   -  Particle Physics  -   Experimentals results (cont'd)

8:30    Standard Model and beyond : Tevatron collider physics   M. Baarmand, Florida Inst. of Technology


   Overview of Heavy Ions program : RHIC results, LHC   E. Scomparin,  Torino University


   Status of electroweak symmetry breaking   V. Ruhlmann-Kleider, SPP-DAPNIA - Saclay

10:30 - 11:00 : Coffee Break

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17  -   session 5   -  Astro-Physics & Astro-particle  -   Astrophysics

11:00    Review of Gamma experiments at MeVGeV scale & Gamma-sources   I. Grenier, Uni. Paris VII / Saclay
     Gamma ray burst and optical counter parts   E. Pian,  Obs. Trieste
     Production Mechanism of high energy Gammas   F. Longo,  Uni. Trieste


  New Planets searches   A. Brahic, Uni. Paris VII / Saclay

13:00 - 14:00 : Lunch

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17  -   session 6  -  Instrumentation & Particle Physics spin-offs  -   Detector Techniques (cont'd)


   ATLAS TILE Calorimeter response to protons and pions

  S. Dita, Bucharest  University
     ATLAS Muon System   D. Sampsonidis, Thessaloniki University
     Particle Trackers at LHC   A. Frey, EP div. - CERN
     Drift Tubes and CSC at CMS   K. Hoepfner, RWTH - Aachen


   Charged heavy lepton pair production in ATLAS   C. Alexa, Bucharest  University

16:00 - 16:30 : Coffee Break

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17  -  session 7   -  Particle Physics  -  LHC & NLC Experimental programme

16:30    SM & MSSM Higgs searches at LHC   I. Puljak,   FESB-Split-Tech. University
     SUSY searches  at LHC   I. Fleck, Freiburg University
     Physics at TESLA   (N.N. - Desy )


   TESLA project   M. Doucet, DESY-Hamburg
18:30-19:30    ATLAS lab visit at the university (1st group of 20 persons)   C. Petridou,   Thessaloniki University



THURSDAY APRIL 18  -   Social Programme

   8:30   Departure to Vergina, The old royal city of the kings of Macedonia  
~10:00   Visit of the site and the royal tombs.  
  13:00   Lunch  
  14:00   Departure to Pela, the royal city of Philip II and Alexander -the-Great  
~15:00   Visit of Pela and its museum  
  17:00   Back to Thessaloniki  


FRIDAY APRIL 19  -   session 8   -  Astro-physics & Astro-particle  -   Astrophysics (cont'd)

8:30   Dark Matter Searches   P. Baillon, EP Div - CERN
    Ultra hight energy cosmic rays, Euso   P. Nedelec, LAPP-Annecy
    NESTOR experiment   L. Resvanis, Athens University


  CAST experiment   K. Zioutas, Thessaloniki University

10:30 - 11:00 : Coffee Break

FRIDAY APRIL 19  -   session 9  -  Instrumentation & Particle Physics spin-offs  -   Detector Techniques

11:00    PbWO4 crystals calorimetry:   P. Razis, Univerity of Cyprus - Nicosia
     Review of CMS HCAL:   D. Lazic, FNAL-Batavia
     RPC’s (Atlas & CMS)   V. Genchev, Sofia University
     DAQ in ALICE   T. Anticic,  I.R.B.-Zagreb
     TESLA/NLC instumentation / RF cavities   M. Doucet,  DESY-Hamburg


   Gazeous detectors   Y. Giomataris,  SED-DAPNIA-Saclay

13:00 - 14:00 : Lunch

FRIDAY APRIL 19  -   session 10  -  Astro-physics & Astro-particle  -  Neutrino physics / Astrophysics

14:000   Neutrino Physics and Masses   G. Senjanovic, ICTP-Trieste
    Experimental review : Kamiokande, K2K, SNO   J. Bouchez, SPP-DAPNIA-Saclay
    Lens , Borexino, Icarus, US & CERN long baseline projects   A. Rubbia,  ETH-Zurich


  Baïkal, Amanda, Antares   N. Palanque-Delabrouille, SPP-Saclay

16:00 - 16:30 : Coffee Break

FRIDAY APRIL 19  -   session 11  -  Instrumentation & Particle Physics spin-offs  -   Medical applications of physics

16:30    Medical Imaging : X-rays, SPECT & PET cameras, MRI, US   F. Deconinck, Brussels / Mol
     Nuclear Medicine: PET camera   J-N. Talbot, Tenon-Hosp.-Paris
     Nuclear Medicine: Gamma camera   D. Miladinova, Skopje Hosp.


   HEP and Medical Physics common technologies   Y. Lemoigne, DAPNIA-Saclay & ESI


18:30-19:30    ATLAS lab visit at the university (2nd group of 20 persons)  C. Petridou - Thessaloniki University



SATURDAY APRIL 20  -   session 12  -  Instrumentation & Particle Physics spin-offs  -   Radiotherapy

8:30    Radiotherapy  / Principles of Radiobiology   K. Psarrakos,  Thessaloniki  University
     Stereotaxic treatment with Radiation   C.  Kappas, Larissa University
     Conformal Radiotherapy,  IMRT,   Hadrons & Ions RT   K. Psarrakos,  Thessaloniki  University


   Brachytherapy   D. Baltas, NTU Athens

10:30 - 11:00 : Coffee break

SATURDAY APRIL 20  -  session 13  -  Particle Physics  -  Trends in Particle Physics

11:00    CP violation and CKM matrix   A. Ali, DESY-Hamburg
     Extra dimensions   E. Dudas, PhT-Orsay / Bucharest


   Physics questions and perspectives   J. Ellis-TH Division-CERN

13:00 - 14:00 : Lunch

SATURDAY APRIL 20  -   session 14  -  Technology  spin-offs

14:00    EDMS   E. Manola-Poggioli, EST Div.-CERN
     Online and offline event reconstruction at LHC   T. Todorov, IRES– Strasbourg / Sofia
     Trigger, Data Acquisition, High speed, high capacity   E. Pasqualucci, INFN-Roma


   Networks for Medicine   S. Squarcia , INFN– Genoa

16:00 - 16:30 : Coffee Break

SATURDAY APRIL 20  -   Session 15  -  Conclusion

16:30   Round table :  "Perspectives of sciences & technologies at the                begining  of the XXI century"   A.Ali, A. Brahic, J. Bouchez, M. Lacheyze-Rey,
  J. Ellis, D. Denegri, G.Paic, .....
    Scientific collaboration with South Eastern Europe   N. Koulberg, EP div.- CERN
    The GRID project   Ch. Markou, Demokritos-Athens


  CERN Policy to improve Technology Transfer   H. Hoffmann, Dir. ETT / CERN


  Summary and Conclusions   D. Denegri, DAPNIA-SPP -Saclay


SATURDAY APRIL 20 20:00 Conference Banquet in N. Epivates Beach


SUNDAY APRIL 21   -    Social Programme

  9:00    Departure to Museums visits in Thessaloniki  
  9:45    Visit of the archeological Museum  
     Visit of the byzantine Museum  
  12:30    Back to Diakonia / departure / End of the conference

Bus to Airport

Updated 5/4/02


-8.1- Venue and dates

diak2.jpg (157852 bytes) haldiak3.jpg (50460 bytes)

The conference will take place in the buildings of the Diakonia Convention Centre (DCC), 65 Nik. Plastira Street, Thessaloniki, Greece (see the map).
Tel : + 30310397700, Fax : +30310397731. We hope that informal contacts and exchanges will take place, thus complementing the formal talks and

TIME TABLE of the week
4 sessions of  about 2 hours every days, except day 3 totally free to allow a long visit
Monday evening : arrival in Diakonia  and registration (dinner free)
Sunday noon : departure

  Day 1:
Tuesday 16
Day 2:
Wednesday 17
Day 3:
Thursday 18
Day 4:
Friday 19
Day 5:
Saturday 20
Day 6:
Sunday 21
8:30-10-30 Opening session Session 4  







Session 8 Session 12 Proposed


  Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 – 13:00 Session 1 Session 5 Session 9 Session 13
  lunch lunch lunch lunch Departure
14:00-16:00 Session 2 Session 6 Session 10 Session 14  
  Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:30 – 18:30 Session 3 Session 7 Session 11 Session 15  
18:30 – 20:30 free Visit in Thessaloniki* Visit of Atlas laboratory * Banquet

        legend : * = to be confirmed

-8.2- Accommodation : Participants will have accommodation in the Diakonia Convention Centre. Every room have bathroom and/or shower. There are very
few single rooms. See below the package which will be proposed for registration, some of them including accommodation. Thanks to the generous help from the
sponsors of the conference, participants from South-Eastern European countries may receive a financial support for meals and accommodation in shared rooms.
Following the Trieste tradition, they may also receive a modest amount of money ("per-diem"). After acceptation, they will have to pay the administrative fee of
20 Euro by March 15st (for instance by sending by postmail a Traveller Cheque of 20 € or 20 $ if easier). This amount will be reimbursed at arrival in DCC.
Participants from the European Union are not eligible for this financial support.

diak2.jpg (157852 bytes) diako4.jpg (80902 bytes)
accdiak1.jpg (159564 bytes) diak3.jpg (122163 bytes)

-8.3- Transportation

Greece belonging to the "Schengen" European Union system, a visa could be needed to enter the country (please, verify several weeks before the
conference). Contact the secretariat if you need invitation letter. There are several bus services from Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. There are many flights to
and from Thessaloniki every day, many of them via Athens. The dates of the conference have been chosen to allow use  of low fare tickets (week-end)

Participants from South-Eastern European countries (non-EU) may receive financial assistance for travel. Priority will be given to several participants
sharing the same car for most of the journey. Please contact the conference secretariat to know the amount of money you could be reimbursed. Participants
from the European Union are not eligible for financial support for travel expenses.

Your Arrival  :

-a- Courtesy bus on Monday April 15 :

Departure time Departure place arrival
19:30 Airport (arrivals) to DIAKONIA
20:30 Railways station to DIAKONIA
23:45 Airport (arrivals) to DIAKONIA
~ 24:00 Railways station to DIAKONIA

Important note: due to the courtesy bus  offer (free of charge), there will be no reimbursment of taxis on Monday and the days before.

-b- Taxis (at any time) : No more than 8 -10 Euros to go to Diakonia (65 Nikolaou PLASTIRA Street) from Airport.

-c- City bus The bus No 78 is going from the airport to the railways station from 5:25 in the morning until 23:35 PM. The frequency is every 25 min an the duration is
about 35 min. The ticket price is 0.90 Euro and you can buy tickets from a tobacco store, there is one in the airport in departure department
From the railways station, you can take the bus #11 to reach DIAKONIA (stop in the middle of Nikolaou Plastira street). The price for the bus ticket inside the city is 0.44 Euro
and you can buy from the tobaccos store (you will rapidly discover that there are plenty of tobaccos stores in the streets of any greek city !)

Click here to access the Bus #11 schedule

-d- In case of problems : call the Conference secretariat (only after Monday 15:00) : 0030310 397 771. After 23:00 call Diakonia Reception : 0030310 397 700
      In case only of  severe problems with the
customs or immigration office at the Greek border (Monday only) call Andreas GOUGAS on :0030977 455 034  or Vangelos GAZIS
      on  0030977 261 060 (both are cellular phones)


-8.4- Social Programme

* Festive Banquet with music: Participants are invited to prepare their active participation in the music programme during the banquet
and to bring some typical musical instruments  from their own country (and play...).
The farewell banquet will be organised on Saturday night   20 April near
a beach, in a  typical Greek "Fish Tavern" (Meat will be also available). You will have to register for the Banquet upon arrival.

* Tuesday Night : it is foreseen to have a tour of Thessalonik and/or reception by the Rector of the Thessaloniki University.

* Thursday will be fully devoted to Social Programme which will include visits of the most famous Ancient Macedonian Royal Cities of Verginia and Pela including the Royal Tombs
of Philip II of Macedonia recently discovered and the native place of Alexander the Great whose the shade is always here ......

* Sunday Morning : to end correctly the conference, we will visit the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki (where  are the most important pieces from Pela and Verginia) and/or
the Byzantine Museum.


-8.5- Registration costs : diak3.jpg (122163 bytes) dindiak2.jpg (109023 bytes)

Type of participation :

School fees


for couple


Total cost

Participants from South-
East Europe (non-EU)





20 Euro reimbursed in DCC

Minimal participation


Not included



90 Euro

Full participation





600 Euro

Full participation with
accompanying person





750 Euro

Access to the Application form

-8.6- Payment

All participants are asked to return the application  form to the secretariat before March 1st, 2002. Fees will have to be paid before March 15, 2002.
The  fees include participation in the conference with reception, lunches, coffee breaks and documents for work. The school fee may be waived  (partially
or entirely, ask the secretariat) for participants from South Eastern Europe (Non-EU), depending on their financial situation. Administrative fee of
20 Euro cannot be waived but will be reimbursed at arrival in DCC.

Payment account :

Credit Agricole Mutuel Centre-Est (Agence de Prévessin)
BP 104, F-01170 GEX (France)

Account (17806/00490) 925 264 01000
(Clè RIB : 70)
Tel : +33 450 28 35 35

• You are kindly requested to send a cheque directly to the secretariat.
In case of transfer order,  please write your name in capital letters and bring a copy of it upon arrival.

-8.7- Contacts

- Conference chairmen :

Daniel Denegri
e-mail : Daniel.Denegri@cern.ch
Yves Lemoigne

- PSF secretariat :

Chantal Brodier     e-mail :
Michèle Jouhet     e-mail :

- Post mail :

Physique-Sans-Frontières / Four-Seas-Conference
Mairie de Prévessin-Moëns,
F-01280 Prévessin-Moëns (France)

- More detailed information  available at any time :


on the web :
Or by e-mail :
after April 12 :

-9-.Clic here to see the list of Participants and  verify your accommodation status.

Please contact us by e-mail if your accommodation status is not what you would like !!!